Elves, while not as numerous as other humanoid races, have started to increase their numbers due to the overall serenity of their current homeland in Alaniya. At one time in the past, elves were essentially one race, living together in relative harmony with the land around them. However, there broke out a violent schism between two sects of ideologies concerning the worship of the gods Khorval, the God of the Sun, and Kherva, the Goddess of the Moon. What began as a trifling matter soon grew completely out of hand, that the two groups began fighting openly and causing much mayhem and carnage in their wake. The leaders of these two religious icons eventually formed a truce from the wanton destruction, but realized that they could no longer live together peacefully, as their followers would still continue in their persecution of one another. In an effort to save themselves from annihilating each other, they agreed that the only solution would be to forge two separate nations, each one venerating their own sovereign deity.

However, not all of the elves liked this idea, and the more radicals of their kind had their own agendas. On the night prior to the signing of the agreement, there broke out a coup in leadership from the Priestess of the Moon’s clergy, and preempted an all out civil war that engulfed both sides, killing many before it was finally quelled. This led to the leaders of the Sun God to call down their divine power to curse the followers of the Moon Goddess to have to abandon all of the lands above, to favour those lands of the perpetual darkness below; in addition to this curse, those followers, as well as their progeny, would be forever marked for all to see, as their skin would be coloured the same as the night sky. Thus the Dark Elves were created as a blasphemous testament to their wicked ways against the God of the Sun. The Dark Elves fled the surface world, but vowed revenge on their brethren above, attacking them every so often once their precious sun went down.

Eventually this constant state of skirmishing would weaken both sides enough to allow for outsiders to arrive on their continent uncontested. These humans were refugees from another far off magically devastated land, called Kelthornis. Over a period of years these humans began intermingling with the elves, and eventually over time, outnumbered them. Also, after many years, dark elf skirmishes against the surfacers slowly diminished, as the combined might of the surface elves and their human allies pushed back against this bizarre threat. As the two different races assimilated culturally, they began to reforge as a powerful new nation, one built around a common interest, magic. While the elves were already extremely proficient in magic, and the humans short lived, they carried over with them many of the exotic magical tomes and ancient artifacts salvaged during their exodus, providing their new elven allies with new sources of curiosity and learning. In turn, the elves taught their new proteges all of their secrets as well. Together they formed the basis of what would evolve into the superpower that would be known as Alaniya.

Once Alaniya came into full power, the dark elves did not stand much of a chance. They tried unsuccessfully many times before to strike out against the fledgling surface nation, to no avail. Finally, Alaniya worked to consolidate its borders, against any and all potential threats. They offered a place to anyone who wanted to live peacefully under their rule, and for anyone who refused, they would be relocated either peacefully, or otherwise. Amongst the dark elves, there were some who foresaw what would happen once they refused, and some joined Alaniya, while others chose still to fight. In the aftermath, those who were defeated and refused to live under a foreign ruler, opted to be transplanted to another location to start over.

Currently, there are two distinct races of elves:
* High Elves
* Dark Elves


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