City of Xan'Telea

This predominently dark elf city is actually a two layered metropolis, one portion above ground, aptly named Upper City, and the other below ground, called Lower City. Most of the dark elves and other light sensitive creatures live in Lower City, while those that prefer the light of day live in Upper City.

Zora D’Vere is the Chief Magistrate of this city, and when she is not spending time in Alaniya, serving in the High Council, she lives in her mansion in the lower city.

The Xan’Telea City Council

  • High Magistrate Zora D’Vere
  • Magistrate Achalacan Lonotha
  • Magistrate Besale Daurak
  • Magistrate Ciava Athola
  • Magistrate Despara Guskeki-ilal
  • Magistrate Iarisane Dha-lelatha
  • Magistrate Nalara Eithate
  • Magistrate Phalis A’kelothoth
  • Magistrate Salisesa Elothot
  • Magistrate Tesan Ilaubo
  • Magistrate Veldrin Kal’Theled
  • Magistrate Xanthone Uatha
  • Magistrate Zahalan Dal’gara

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City of Xan'Telea

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