Alaniyan Cabals

A magocracy with the intent on maintaining their dominance of magical superiority over the world by keeping everything related to the arcane under their firm control. There are several different cabals of wizards within Alaniya who see things differently on how to maintain order and control over magic, however there are only three dominant ones that are worth mentioning here.

* The Cabal of the Sacred Serpent – An order of good aligned mages and arcane spell casters who seek to aid those countries with their magic and keep good relations with all.

* The Cabal of the Forgotten Tome – A neutral order of wizards and spell casters who are isolationists, and believe Alaniya should keep out of the politics of other nations.

* The Cabal of the Red Dragon – Mostly selfish and evil in outlook, these sorcerers and arcane spell casters view the current turmoil in the world is due to Alaniya’s lack of expansionist policies. They would like nothing better than total global domination.

Alaniyan Cabals

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