The idyllic lifestyle, in a secluded mountain town, just got a little more interesting for the average residents of Silverlake.  After the completion of Silver Lake Keep, Duke Reynold's son, Jonathan, is awarded command over the stronghold.  The town's Fall Harvest Festival is going to be held in conjunction with a celebration welcoming the new lord to his post, it is said that the crown prince of Astoria might be attending this year.  This is all the while Varagian refugees continue to pour into the small town, attempting to start a new life for themselves, working or doing whatever they can to survive.  This has caused some discontent amongst the original inhabitants of Silverlake.

Meanwhile throughout the realm, news of a mysterious woman, known only as The Red Lady, has been cropping up about her unimaginable beauty and her powerful sorcery.

Also, there is a black knight traveling the jousting circuit, beating almost all the contenders.  Little is known about this rogue knight, who does not hail from any known liege, nor from any known lands.  He has definitely caused an uproar amongst some of the nobility.


The Heroes of Astoria

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